6 English clubs are penalized due to the European Super League

The six Premier League clubs, which were included in the failed European Super League, will be fined 20 million euros together.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal wanted to join the league separated from UEFA, an effort that was widely criticized around the world, including by the British government.

They will face other fines and deductions if they try again to be part of any such project.

It is believed that the money from their fines will be used to help youth football and community projects.

Nine of the European Super League clubs, including the English ones, as well as Inter, Milan and Atletico Madrid have been fined a similar amount by UEFA.

They agreed to pay 15 million euros together and be deprived of 5 percent of their revenue from UEFA competitions, starting from the 2023/24 season.

Meanwhile, the remaining three clubs that have not given up on the Super League project, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, will face serious consequences from UEFA.