Aguero reveals why Bayern Munich decided against signing him

Sergio Aguero has revealed that Bayern Munich were very interested in signing him when he was young, but had finally decided to sign with a player of one of his rival teams.

Aguero surfaced as a teenager in Argentina after growing up at the Independiente academy and arousing the interest of elite clubs in Europe.

He was bought by Atletico Madrid, which was his first club outside of South America, but things could have been much different, as if he had played better when the Bayern scouts had gone to see him up close.

Answering questions on Twitter, the former Argentine striker showed how Bayern were on the verge of signing him.

Explaining what had happened, Aguero said: “I was told what happened at this event. Someone from Bayern had come to see me playing against Estudiantes. I played terribly that day and they fell in love with Jose Sosa.”

“They bought Sosa,” he said.

After five successful years with Atletico in La Liga, Aguero joined Manchester City in the Premier League, where he spent an unforgettable decade.

He was forced to retire in December, just five months after joining Barcelona as a free agent, due to heart health problems.

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