Aguero’s father ‘hits’ Guardiola: I do not believe in his tears, he never wanted my son

Leonel del Castillo, Sergio Aguero’s father, has attacked coach Pep Guardiola for the way he treated the striker at Manchester City.

Guardiola cried while talking about Aguero leaving, but Leonel del Castillo thought they were false tears.

“I do not believe in his tears, he was never honest with my son,” Aguero’s father told Radio La Red.

“In my opinion, he never wanted him.”

“Guardiola is a great coach, but he always wants to be a protagonist in his teams. From one day to the next, he changes players or midfield. Players never know if they are important or not.”

“He said that Sergio could not be replaced, but now he is not in the team.”

Discussing the transfer to Barcelona, ??Aguero’s father is excited.

“He is happy after the move.”

“Messi has been a friend of his for 15 years and they have always been in touch. It seems that Messi will stay in Barcelona, ??so they will start playing together “, concluded Aguero’s father.