Alba: Ramos did not have the best season, but he is important

Jordi Alba has supported Sergio Ramos, who was left out of the guest list by coach Luis Enrique. The Barcelona defender insists that the Real Madrid veteran, although he did not spend a positive season, is important for the “Red Storm”.

Coach Luis Enrique left center-back Sergio Ramos out of Spain’s guest list even though he had two vacancies available. To discuss such a topic is taken the left defender, Jordi Alba.

He has come out in support of the Real Madrid defender, who he says was important for the “Red Storm”, despite the fact that he did not spend a positive season with “Los Blancos”.

“The coach makes the list and thinks to bring the best of Spain. It is true that Sergio Ramos did not have one of the best seasons, also due to injuries, but Sergio is a very important player for us”, declared the 32-year-old. Luis Enrique surprised everyone by leaving out of the list the veteran Ramos, who is also the leader of the team.