Allegri explodes after the loss of Juventus

Juventus is not doing well this season in Serie A.

In the 10th round of Serie A, the old lady could not get any points at home, being defeated 1-2 by Sassuolo.

The visitors scored the winning goal in the 95th minute, which irritated Max Allegri, who exploded immediately after the meeting.

“We have to reflect, we can not accept that goal in a counterattack. We were not clinical despite the cases we had, it is normal that this makes things difficult. Despite that, we were very furious at the end of the match and that could not happen. It is not a physical problem, it is more about the mentality. It is not the problem of the players, it is the problem of the mentality. Juventus never concede goals like today, it should not happen again”, declared Allegri after the match.

Juve is now 13 points behind the leader, Milan, while ranking seventh with 15 points.

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