Ancelotti says the Premier League is better than Serie A, he also explains the reasons

Everton coach Carlo Ancelotti has explained that the English championship, the Premier League is better than the Italian championship, Serie A.

The Italian has been the coach of Juventus and Milan in the past, and has won every possible local and European trophy.

However, Ancelotti, who now runs Everton, has said that the English championship is better than the Italian one.

“The Premier League is very competitive. There is a lot to be said for why their clubs are bigger than they are in Serie A.” Ancelotti told Il Corriere dello Sport.

“There are many tactics in Italy, which lead to less intensity. The Premier League has the best players and the best coaches.”

“Quality makes the difference and the costs of quality. Major Italian clubs have suffered from the pandemic, while English clubs have suffered less.”

“Still, Manchester City were able to sign Ruben Dias, Ferran Torres and Ake. Chelsea spent over 200 million euros to sign Werner, Havertz, Chilwell and Ziyech, while Real Madrid and Barcelona did not sign at all.”