Ancelotti’s arrival does not change much of Real Madrid’s plans – Marcelo, Isco and Bale remain on sale

Marcelo, Isco and Gareth Bale may have a chance with new coach Carlo Ancelotti, but that does not change their status as players who have been put up for sale by the club.

Some had thought that Ancelotti’s arrival would be good news for some of the old stars he worked with before, and all three of these players were essential to the Italian’s success when he was in charge for the first time.

However, at his first press conference, Ancelotti was unable to offer guarantees to anyone.

Field appearances, not nostalgia, are what will decide the future of those for sale.

Ancelotti knows how to act in such situations. When he arrived at Real Madrid in 2013, Kaka was waiting for him, with whom he had shared many successes at AC Milan.

However, the Brazilian had under-expected appearances for several months and, after talking to the club’s directors, Ancelotti gave the green light to the sale of the ‘Golden Ball’ winner.

“I know them well [Marcelo, Isco and Bale] and I know how to motivate them, but there is one last judge: the field,” Ancelotti told a news conference.

Real Madrid’s goal is to find a solution to avoid the salaries of players who are in the last year of their contracts, saving 50 million euros in salaries.

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