Antonio Cassano: Ronaldo is not among the top 5, let alone the best

The debate over the best of football arose, practically, with the game itself. Over the years, every new great talent sparks more opinions.

Antonio Cassano, a former footballer, who in his time was considered an extraordinary talent, returned to “Bobo TV”, the Twitch channel of Vier, where he issued one of his typical loud statements. This time he had chosen Cristiano Ronaldo as his target.

“Enough with this theater! Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best in football history? He is not even among the top five. For me, Messi, Pelé, Maradona, Cruyff and Ronaldo “The phenomenon” are on another level.”

Cassano also spoke about the possible purchase of Erling Haaland from Real Madrid:

“They told me: be careful, Bayern want to sign Haaland! Then, Madrid also wants Lewandowski for a few years. It would make sense to me,” said Cassano.

But Vieri, the organizer of this debate, was against Cassano:

“Well, on the other hand, I was also told that Haaland will go to Madrid with 100%. They tell me that, but I do not know if it is true.”

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