Barcelona players against pay cuts

It is clear that Barcelona, ??like many clubs at the moment, are not in the strongest financial positions.

Cuts have been made and it looks like players will need to prepare for further cost reduction measures.

The club’s football director, Matthew Alemany, spoke at the presentation of new signing Eric Garcia about the situation.

“Everyone at the club will have to make an effort to maintain his consistency,” said Alemany.

The situation at Camp Nou is disturbing, so disturbing in fact that the new president of the club has applied for a loan of 500 million euros from Goldman Sachs, 100 million euros of which will be paid to the club before the end of this month.

The total losses of the club for this season are about 300 million euros, bringing their total to about 1.2 billion.

The players already got a financial blow last season to help the club and will have to prepare themselves to do the same again this season.

Some are upset however due to the obligation to save the club from this situation they have brought upon themselves, with large sums of money paid to players.

They think it is unfair to be expected to pay for the mistakes made by those in charge of the club.

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