Bartomeu reacts to Laporta, says they are lying about the difficult economic situation created in the club

Josep Maria Bartomeu, counterattack. The former president of Barca has appeared in several Catalan media in which he has defended himself from the attacks of the current board of directors of the club on the way he runs.

He has gone on the offensive criticizing Joan Laporta’s decision to allow Leo Messi to leave.

“This summer they allowed Leo Messi to leave and that was a bad decision. Playing without Leo Messi means that many things need to change. “As president, I did not want Messi to leave and I did everything possible, all the efforts, so that Leo would not leave the club.”

Bartomeu used the opportunity to amortize the alarm that exists in the environment of the Barca club due to the delicate economic situation:

“The club has no risk of disintegration, it has a lot of resources. A vain alarm is being given. The Royal Decree states that losses due to COVID-19 will never be to the point of endangering the disbandment of the club, which has player assets and capital. Yes, there is a negative balance, also a high market value. That is why it is impossible for it to be in danger of disintegration.”

Bartomeu praises the way he runs during his presidency.

“We were serious and responsible. Our management was not catastrophic and this is what LaLiga, UEFA and the audit say. 180 million benefits and Forbes rates us as the most valuable club in the world. This serious and rigorous management was truncated by the outbreak of the pandemic, which led to a drop in revenues of about 500 million euros.

The crisis caused by the pandemic, according to the former president, is the main cause for the difficult economic situation.

“I want the concern of the members to disappear. The club has a lot of resources to get out of this quagmire and without the pandemic we would have lost just 50 million in the 2020-21 season. The pandemic has affected the biggest clubs in Europe. ”

Bartomeu came to the defense of the current coach, Ronald Koeman, whose work without Messi in the team has been very difficult:

“Koeman is prepared, but you have to be patient so that you can build a team without the presence of the best player in the world. “I think there is a lot of talent in the team, especially among the youngsters.”

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