Benzema is driving social media crazy: He scored both goals in the 46:44 minute

The minutes in which Karim Benzema scored the two goals in France’s draw with Portugal at Euro 2020 surprised many people.

Benzema, who returned to the national team after an absence of more than five years, scored twice to secure France first place in Group F at Euro 2020 and consequently the transition to the circle of the top 16 teams on Wednesday.

Benzema did many things to get the main attention after this match, as he scored for the first time after returning and was selected as the best player of the match before Cristiano Ronaldo, who also scored two goals to ensure Portugal qualification in the Euro 2020.

But there was another, extremely unusual reason that got attention on social media a day later, an unprecedented coincidence: the 32-year-old scored goals at exactly the same time.

Benzema scored the first goal from the penalty spot in the 46:44 minute and then the second goal in the 46:44 minute after escaping the offside position trap of the Portuguese defense to defeat Rui Patricio.

The Real Madrid striker scored goals in the same minutes but in different parts. At the end of the first part and at the beginning of the second part.

France will face Switzerland in the 1/8 of the final, while Portugal will face Belgium.

In case they beat their respective opponents in the 1/8 finals and in the quarterfinals, France and Portugal will face each other again in the semifinals.

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