Capello reveals how he bought Roberto Carlos at Real Madrid in just 24 hours

Fabio Capello was Real Madrid coach when Roberto Carlos joined Madrid from Inter in the summer of 1996 and has now revealed how his transfer happened.

The former Brazilian left-back was unhappy that he was playing outside of his position at Inter.

When Capello had learned that the Brazilian and the club were willing to accept the transfer, he seized the opportunity.

“I could not believe it. Giovanni Branchini told me they would sell him and I said to myself: ‘How can Inter sell Roberto Carlos?’ Because I did not believe him, they sent me a fax with the price of the player, which was not unacceptable. I called the president of Real Madrid, Lorenzo Sanz, and told him to fly straight to Milan. I explained to him that all Italian clubs would rush as soon as the news of him came out,” he said.

“By 23:00, the contract was ready. In less than 24 minutes.” he added.

Capello then mocked the Brazilian’s body weight, now that he is enjoying life as a football analyst.

“I would not have bought it if it was as thick as it is now.” Capello joked.

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