Capello reveals the reason for Ronaldo’s departure, says he lost Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo gave a severe blow to Juventus yesterday, leaving the club and signing with Manchester United, where he returned after 12 years.

Strategist Fabio Capello commented on the move in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

Ronaldo’s departure reduces Serie A, as happened with La Liga after Messi’s departure. If you look closely, this summer has changed a lot of balance. Messi and Ronaldo changed the air of football. These two champions have marked the history of football in the last decade.”

“Serie A has lost some of its charm, but I always believe in the effort and success in the European Championship and the space for the youth. I think Ronaldo has made the assessments for the current Juventus. In his vision, I think today’s Juventus obviously do not have the strength to impose themselves internationally. After three unsuccessful years in the Champions League, this will have been the reason for Ronaldo’s departure,” said Capello.

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