Chelsea, solid victory against Lille

European champions Chelsea have scored solid victories against French champions Lille 2-0. Kai Havertz (8) and Christian Pulisic (63) scored for Chelsea. In this match, Edon Zhegrova also debuted for the first time in the Champions League. He entered the match in the 81st minute and played 14 minutes in this match

Chelsea started this meeting furiously where they endangered Lille in the fourth minute of the match through Kai Havertz. The opportunity was good, but the German hit high above the gate.

The same player would hit hard in the seventh minute where the ball would deflect into the corner kick.

After this goal, Lille had more possession but did not manage to seriously endanger Chelsea’s gate.

Ziyech would endanger Lille in the 46th minute of the second half. He made a dangerous shot but Lille defenders managed to block it.

The second goal for Chelsea was a team goal.

They come out very well in a counterattack when Kante would pass to Christian Pulisic who made a nice shot for the score 2-0 in the 63rd minute.

Edon Zhegrova would enter this match in the 81st minute of the second half instead of Jonathan David.

However, he failed to do anything in this match and in some cases had wrong passes.

This victory is comfortable for Chelsea until the European champions will play the match and return to France after two weeks

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