Dani Alves is awaiting Barcelona’s call

Barcelona is continuing to create its squad for next season and the club has many decisions to make, both in terms of incoming and outgoing players, including the successor of Dani Alves.

Their plan is for the Brazilian to continue in the team next season.

Despite the decline that has affected all players, Alves has performed well this season despite the 38, almost 39 years the player has.

However, when it comes to assessing the future of the Brazilian, there are other factors that in this case have a significant impact.

Alves is playing a crucial role in the locker room, primarily supporting young players.

Alves has a great influence on them and tries to pass on his experience to them so that they improve and Xavi is fully aware of this role played by the player, who is an example to the rest of the team.

We must not forget that he transmits joy to the rest of his teammates and this has been a fundamental aspect in the first months with Xavi because the team was in emotional difficulty when he returned to the club.

One of the factors that definitely matters in this renewal is the age of the player.

It is a handicap that has been reflected in some of the coach’s decisions, such as leaving him out of the Europa League to give him more rest between matches or placing him on the bench for a match as important as the one at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

Alves made both decisions professionally, although he did not like either of them, but he is also aware of the moment in his career in which he is.

The club will have to inform him in the coming weeks of the decision on his continuation.