Despite losing in the Europa League final, Solskjaer is offered a new contract

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be offered a new contract by Manchester United and will be given funding for the transfer window over the summer, despite ending the trophy-free season and losing in the Europa League final.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be offered a new contract and will have enough money to buy new players in the summer. Despite ending the season without winning any trophies and losing in the Europa League final to Villarreal, the club will reward Solskjaer with a new contract.

According to the Telegraph, the Norwegian has started talks with United to extend the contract for another three years, with new conditions, as the current contract expires next year. The hierarchy at United continues to trust Solskjaer (48), seeing him as very important to the team after he managed to finish the season in second place in the Premier League.

Although there has been progress this season, United continue to have inconsistencies in appearance, a typical thing that was also seen in the 11-10 penalty defeat against much less favorite teams like Villarreal, who finished seventh in La Liga.

To continue competing with Manchester City, United need to strengthen over the summer and be stronger in the Champions League. United are expected to support Solskjaer in this transitional period. A winger, a defender and a central midfielder are areas where United are seen as weak points, and where reinforcements are needed.