Directed by Schick, the Czech Republic wins against Scotland

The Czech Republic defeated Scotland 2-0 in Group D in the framework of Euro 2020.

The Scots started the match better, risking through John McGinn, but his shot was blocked.

The Czechs then took control of the match, creating chances through Patrick Schick, but David Marshall stopped his shot.

Schick did not give up and managed to score the first goal of the meeting in the 42nd minute, and thus ended the first half.

In the second 45 minutes, the Czechs were even more unstoppable, as they scored the second.

Schick was again on the list of scorers, but now with the most beautiful goal so far in Euro 2020, after scoring from almost the middle of the field in the 52nd minute.

The Czech striker had the chance to score a hat-trick, but Marshall did not allow him to score.

The Czech Republic is the leader of Group D with three points, as much as England, while Croatia and Scotland have no points.