“Failure at Euro 2020 will help Mbappe win the Golden Ball”

A mistake to learn and improve. Mistake that in the future could help Mbappe win the Golden Ball

The missed penalty by Kylian Mbappe in the 1/8 of Euro 2020, which cost France elimination from Switzerland, could also be the first step of a progress that could make him the best in the world.

So thinks Adil Rami, the former defender of France.

“I read that it is probably not bad for Mbappe to miss that penalty. He has to go through these experiences, fall, fail, be criticized, mature and understand what football is. I am pleased to see how he suffers, because I know that thanks to this he will be able to win the Golden Ball”, said Rami.

“As for the character, it does not surprise me, since I also saw it in 2018. He wants to be the best and do as his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, but we must not forget that he is still a 22-year-old boy and can improve. His choices are not perfect, but he will grow.”

Mbappe is looking at the possibility of already completely changing the environment, leaving France and continuing his career in Spain at Real Madrid.