Guardiola confirms leaving Man City, intends to retire and then lead a national team

The 2022/23 season will be the last for Pep Guardiola on the Manchester City bench.

He has stated that he wants to retire after seven years in the Premier League and then run a national team.

In the 2022/23 edition, Guardiola will spend seven years on the City bench.

“My next step will be to lead a national team, if I have that opportunity. I need to take a vacation after seven years in Manchester City. I have to stop and watch, learn from other coaches. “I would like to train in a European Championship, a Copa América, a World Cup,” said Pep.

Since 2009, when he took over the management of Barcelona, Guardiola has rested only one year, when he left Barcelona and then took over the management of Bayern Munich.

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