Haaland hopes not to be sold for 175 million euros: “It’s a lot of money for a player!”

Erling Haaland says it is not worth 175 million euros.

Chelsea reportedly want to make the biggest blow in the history of the club, transferring Erling Haaland for the sum of 175 million euros.

The player is also wanted by clubs such as City, Real, etc.

But Haaland himself hopes they are just rumors.

“To leave for 175 million euros? I hope it is not true. It’s a lot of money for one person.” he told Bild.

When asked what would happen, whether he would stay or leave, and whether he had spoken to the agent, he replied: “Before I spoke to him yesterday, it had been a month since we had been in contact with my agent. You have the answer… ”.

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