How Ronaldo’s departure affected Juventus finances

Juventus have earned 52 million euros from this transfer window of players, including money saved from salaries and sales, despite losing 14 million euros from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United.

The summer transfer window has already closed, so no player can come to Turin until January.

Calcio e Finanza has calculated that money saved from salaries and from the sale of players, whites have earned a total of 52 million euros this summer.

However, if salary savings are not taken into account, Juve has earned only 24.5 million euros.

Much of this is because Ronaldo’s sale to Manchester United for €15 million in cash plus €8 million in bonuses produced net losses, as he paid Juve €117 million to buy the Portuguese from Real Madrid in 2018.

Juventus were hoping to earn at least 29 million euros from the sale of the 36-year-old, to avoid loss.

In the end, the Italian giant lost 14 million euros from the sale of the Portuguese.

However, the club will save 57 million euros from the remaining year of Ronaldo’s contract.

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