“I scored 27 goals and they brought me Kaka and Benzema… what more could I do!”

Gonzalo Higuaín gave an interview to ESPN where he talked about his time in Madrid and told how he experienced the competition at Los Blancos.

He was part of Madrid in 2009, when Real bought 8 footballers, among them stars like Ronaldo, Benzema, Kaka, Alonso, etc., while year after year even more came.

He says he was surprised, as on the season that big players came in, he had scored the most goals.

“In the first training session, I remember Capello choosing me. After a year I scored 27 goals, Cristiano 26… and in the summer they brought Benzema and Kaka. I said, “How is that possible? How many goals should I score? I am a goal scorer and you bring me Benzema and Kaká.”

However, Higuaín ended up acknowledging that his best version came when he had a competitor for the same position.

“The arrival of Benzema made him bring out the best in himself. With Benzema it was a very healthy race. He made us both perform better. You can see he was a great striker. Unfortunately we could not play much together.”

Higuain played seven seasons at the Bernabeu, made 264 appearances for the white jersey and scored 121 goals.

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