Inzaghi’s agent meets with Inter

Agent Tullio Tinti was spotted tonight at Inter headquarters, prompting reports that the club is in talks with Simone Inzaghi to replace Antonio Conte.

Tinti is also a representative of the Blues defender, Alessandro Bastoni and is discussing the extension of his contract. However, it is inevitable not to talk about Inzaghi, especially since Conte has already left.

Sky Sport Italia is one of the media outlets that have reported on this until they reported that Conte has left Inter because he was asked to sell players worth 70 million euros in order to reduce salaries at the club by 20 percent. .

At the same time, Inzaghi is scheduled to meet with Lazio president Cladio Lotito and director Igli Tare to discuss extending the contract. Inter seem to see him as an ideal replacement for Conte, because both of these coaches play in the 3-5-2 formation.