Italy star Manuel Locatelli joins Ronaldo in removing Coca-Cola bottles at press conference

Italian midfielder Manuel Locatelli has become the last player to remove Coca-Cola bottles from his table at the Euro 2020 press conference, even copying Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture of taking water.

The Portuguese superstar looked horrified when he noticed fizzy drinks on his desk when he spoke to the media earlier this week, placing them away from the eyes of the cameras and holding his water bottle in the eye of the camera.

Ronaldo’s actions caused quite a stir, with the share price of Coca-Cola reportedly falling by $4 billion, as the world’s most famous footballer urged millions of his fans to give up this drink in favor of water.

There were similar scenes on Tuesday night when France midfielder Paul Pogba gave his post-match press conference, although this time the devout Manchester United Muslim removed a bottle of Heineken beer from the table.

Locatelli has now become the third player to receive attention at the expense of Euro 2020 sponsors.

The Italian, like Ronaldo, removed two bottles of Coca-Cola from the table and placed his water bottle directly in front of him instead.

Ronaldo’s situation prompted Coca-Cola to react with a statement saying that “everyone has the right to their own drink preferences” and that everyone has different “tastes and needs”.

The Sassuolo midfielder, on the other hand, made a super-appearance in Italy’s 3-0 win over Switzerland on Wednesday night, scoring twice and winning the ‘Match Star’ award from UEFA.