Khedira reveals the big change Ronaldo had

Former Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira admits that Cristiano Ronaldo was insecure and selfish at Real Madrid as he became more of a leader in Turin.

The winner of the 2014 Germany World Cup published an interview with ESPN discussing the highlights of his career.

He played with Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus and Real Madrid and explained how the Portuguese star changed in Turin.

“I met two Cristianos. The first was at Real Madrid. He was a little younger, a little more insecure and selfish as well.”

“Not selfish in a bad way, like the new attackers. He had to find his personality. And then the second Cristiano, after transferring to Juventus… he was much more of a leader. Still driven by ego and selfishness to score, but more to push teammates, helping them to be better. Off the field, he was much more relaxed and much more mature, but on the field, always focused and just as intense. We saw him on the first day, knocking on the gate. He was so competitive, either he or playing 4-to-4; he would like to bet on it, say 100 euros or a bottle of wine. He is a competitor and if he loses, he gets angry. So no one wants to disappoint him,” Khedira explained.