Kroos leaves behind injury: I will talk to Ancelotti, he has to catch the pace

Toni Kroos sees the light at the end of the tunnel. After a complicated month due to a physical problem caused during Euro 2020, the Real Madrid midfielder is ready to return.

“I am happy, because today I managed to do my third training with the team without pain, after six or seven months of suffering, so it is a good feeling. I have not played for three months, the last match was on June 29, at Euro 2020, so I have to gain the rhythm. ”

The question that all Real Madrid fans ask is when the 31-year-old will be in the lineup.

“I feel ready and I think I will gather for the match with the Sheriff of Tiraspol. I will talk to Ancelotti and, if he prefers to wait, I will listen to him and analyze the moment.”

The return was long and difficult…

“It’s been almost eight weeks now. For the last five or six months I have always known that the time would come when I would have to stop to heal. I started to feel pain in March, I knew it was something at the base of the thigh. I realized that if I continued to play, I would have reached the point where I could not stand it anymore, but it was very difficult to stop because I had to play the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Champions League, then the European… Then I went with vacation, to see if in those three weeks I would improve. When I got back to training in Madrid, I tried and realized I had not improved. I had to stop. It is a difficult injury to heal if left untreated. We worked a lot in the gym, a lot of therapy.”

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