Kylian Mbappe has put pressure on Hazard

The Belgian has suffered from injuries in Madrid

The possible arrival of Kylian Mbappe at Real Madrid next year has had a major impact on Eden Hazard’s club status.

Like Hazard, Mbappe likes to play on the left side of the field and there is no doubt that he is expected to start in the first lineup in his position, as he is one of the best players in the world. This would make Hazard’s position unclear.

The 30-year-old was described as a young leader in Real Madrid’s attack after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo a year ago, but he has lost form due to successive injuries.

This has made his future at Real Madrid viewed with suspicion by fans as he has not replaced Ronaldo’s position since his transfer. Mbappe – who can sign in January or July – is not alone in this equation. Vinicius Junior is one of the best players this season – scoring three goals – he is extremely good physically and in good shape.

Hazard has admitted that he is still not at his level. “Things are going well at the moment, but I am still not 100 percent ready,” he told HLN. “Real Madrid spent a lot of money on me. I want to give this back to them. I have a contract for five years.”

“The first two seasons were not good, but there are three more where I have to show what I can do. Things are going well especially when I will wake up one morning and train well. But if I can not get rid of these pains, then so I will not be in every match. I’m waiting to show you all how much I’m worth.”

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