Laporta: “Barcelona hoped that Messi would play for free”

Joan Laporta, Barcelona’s number one, is back to talk again about the painful departure during the summer, the departure of Lionel Messi.

His contract expired and economic difficulties did not allow the club to offer a new contract to the 34-year-old.

Discussing Messi’s departure on RAC1, Laporta said: “I am not angry with Messi because I appreciate him. I know he had a great desire to stay, but also a lot of pressure because of the offer he had.”

“Everything shows that he already had an offer from PSG. Everyone knew he had a very strong offer. We knew from the (Messi) family that they had a very good offer.”

“At no point do I think I will go back. I think I am doing my best for Barca. No one can endanger the institution. Barcelona is also above Lionel Messi.”

Laporta also said that for a moment, he and the club generally hoped that Messi would take the big step, perhaps unexpectedly, and say that he would play for the heart club for free, but in the end he realizes that something like that is unachievable, and a player like Messi can not do that.

“I really hoped that at the last minute Messi would say he would play for free. I would love that and he would convince me. I know the league would have accepted. But we could not ask for that from a player of his level”, added Laporta, among others.

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