Laporta: Messi wants to stay, the problem is financial “fair play”

Lionel Messi wants to stay in Barcelona. So stated the number one of the club, Joan Laporta. He has said that Leo has a great desire to sign a contract with the club where he grew up, developed and became the player he is today.

However, the problem lies in the financial ‘fair play’, this has been confirmed by Laporta.

In order not to have problems with UEFA, he confirmed that many players will be sold and loaned, as salaries are high.

“Messi athletes will continue to play at the Camp Nou. He wants to stay. It’s not easy. We will do everything we can.” said Laporta.

“He has not signed yet. Kun Aguero says every day: Sign, we will play together.”

“In economic terms, he has made it very easy, but in terms of financial fair play it is something else. We have to follow the rules and we will follow them. There will be sales and borrowing. We will borrow a lot because we have high salaries compared to other clubs.”

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