Locatelli towards Juventus

Manuel Locatelli’s future is projected at Juventus. The confirmation comes from the Delegated Administrator of Sassulo, Giovanni Carnevali, who spoke to the Italian media about the future of the “stars” of his team.

“Locatelli has grown a lot in recent years at Sassuolo, especially in terms of character. We got it from Milan for 12 million euros, too big for our club. The most important thing now is to leave it alone. The future will depend a lot on his ideas. For Locatelli we have received offers only from clubs outside Italy. I confirm that we will meet with Juventus in the coming days to talk, I believe, about Locatelli and the other youngsters. ”

Another hot name in the transfer market is that of Berard.

“The aim of our late defender Giorgio Squinzi was for Berardi to become the flag of Sassuolo. Domenico was right in the past to resist offers from other clubs, becoming today an important player in our national team. I can not promise that he will stay with us, it is not a matter of money. Berard is a special guy, with very clear ideas. He wants to keep having fun. His will will be important. ”

As for the future of Raspador, Carnevalli explained:

“I can say that it is unsold for us. We do not want to be deprived of our most important young people.”

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