Mbappe: Hard against Germany, wonder how we are all champions in a group

Kylian Mbappe spoke before the start of Euro 2020.

France is part of Group F at Euro 2020. Opponents are Germany, Portugal and Hungary. The first match is played on June 15 against the “Pancers”.

Mbappe considers the challenge against Germany as the most difficult, while he is surprised at how the champions ended up in a group.

“The strongest duel of the group will be against Germany, as it is our first match in Euro 2020. They are a team full of young players and very ambitious. In addition, Thomas Muller has returned to them “, said Mbappe.

“We have to give 100% to every opponent, otherwise we can not achieve the goal of closing the group in the first place. “They are together in a group of world champion teams, the reigning European champions and the world champions in 2014”.

“I wonder how it is possible for such a thing to happen, but perhaps it is more right that it did,” Mbappe concludes.