Mbappe: I prefer to score far fewer goals and win the Champions League

Kylian Mbappe has not yet confirmed his next move, with all offers to extend his contract from Paris Saint-Germain being rejected, however the French striker has responded to claims he is selfish by suggesting that scoring 50 individual goals is not good if his team does not win the Champions League.

Real Madrid are still counting the hours until they can legally approach the player with a pre-contract offer on January 1.

“Last year was good for me, I scored 40 goals, but we did not win the French league or the Champions League,” Mbappe admitted to the PSG television station.

“In the end I wonder, what is the use of scoring 50 goals if we do not win? “I would prefer to score less and win the league and the Champions League.”

“It was a good season, but we do not like it, the goal is to win titles, those are the most important things. I need to feel the pressure, to look for challenges, I have always wanted to have the responsibility on my shoulders.”

“I want to be under pressure even if it sometimes ends in disappointment, it is a learning process, I never hide and it is part of the adrenaline. “This happens because we like to play high pressure matches, matches that everyone watches, I see the pressure as something positive.”

The arrival of Lionel Messi has also pleased the Frenchman.

“It’s good for you to have great players around you, today I play in a team with players who help me: Neymar, Messi, Di Maria… it’s easier,” he said.

“Sometimes it is the striker’s instinct to shoot and score, but if you want to be a special player, then you have to do everything.”

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