Messi has trouble in Ligue 1

Lionel Messi, who joined Paris Saint-German with great fanfare, but has not yet scored a goal in Ligue 1, reports CNN.

This makes Messi repeat the record of the 2005/06 season, when he was still a starter at Barcelona. Messi failed to score in the last match of PSG, the derby against Marseille that ended without goals last Sunday.

This means that Messi has not scored a goal in four championship matches, as he has played so far for the team from the French capital. In fact, this is Messi’s weakest start during his 16-year career. The last time Messi failed to score in the domestic league was in the 2005/2006 season, when it took him six games to score his first goal.

At that time Messi had just had a full season with the status of important player at Barcelona. In the previous season Messi had made his debut, but was not included in the main team of Barcelona. According to the French media, the main blame for this lies with PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino, who has not yet managed to find the right position for Messi. The latter at PSG is mainly playing on the right wing and may not be as productive as he was at Barcelona, ??despite being part of a formidable attack that also includes Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

“We have a team with very talented players and we are constantly working to improve. I am not at all worried about Messi’s situation,” said Pochettino.

However, unlike Ligue 1, Messi is quite productive in the Champions League. In three matches played in this competition Messi has scored the same number of goals. So, although Messi has not yet scored a goal in the league, PSG without major trouble is marching towards the title of champion. Leads the table with 28 points collected after 11 games played, seven more than the closest follower, Lensi. Former France striker Thierry Henry, who was Messi’s teammate at Barcelona, ??has also blamed coach Pochettino for the Argentine’s form in the league. Indeed, Henry has insisted that Messi is isolated at PSG and this is the main problem he has not yet scored in Ligue 1.

“Messi is isolated at Barcelona and is not touching the ball much. I’m not saying he’s not happy on the new team, but he’s just not touching the ball. He has to play in the middle as he cannot distinguish from the left wing. If he plays in the middle, he can give momentum to the Paris game and that is the best way Messi can fit in attack with Neymar and Mbappe.”

Messi made a big fuss when during the summer transfer window he transferred to PSG as a free agent after Barcelona due to financial problems could not afford to renew his contract with the 34-year-old striker. He has a contract with the French team until the summer of 2023, with the possibility of extension for another year. Even Messi days ago said that he has no regrets with his transfer to PSG and is not worried about the lack of goals.

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