Messi inspiration for us, Mbappe had told me he would stay

Ander Herrera can be considered the “discovery” of this early season at PSG. The Spanish midfielder has scored four goals and provided crucial passes in just seven games.

Last year he had the role of substitute, while in the first challenges of this edition he made the most of the lack of “stars”, appearing decisive in many matches.

Interviewed by the Spanish media to talk about many topics related to the developments at the French club, the 32-year-old midfielder, with humor, stated ”

“The famous PSG trio? I told them not to sleep. If I am the team top scorer, it will be worse for them. They seek and enjoy each other very much. Messi, Neymar and Mbbape are very involved and engaged. When you see the number one in the world who works so seriously, it inspires you. ”

Ander Herrera was pleased to be able to play alongside Messi in two games:

“There are different types of leadership in football. There is a captain who encourages you, but there are also leaders who set the example. This is Leo, the first to arrive at the gym or workout. When number 1 gets nothing easy it makes young people say, if number 1 is like that, we should follow it.”

However, what did not surprise Herrera is the decision to keep Mbappé at all costs:

“I had the intuition that he would stay. The club had always told us that Mbappe would not leave. I asked him two weeks before the market closed and he told me: “I will be here”. “What will happen this season could affect Mbappé staying.”

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