Messi is advised to consider transferring to Bayern, City or PSG

Mario Kempes thinks Lionel Messi knows he can no longer win in Barcelona and has advised the six-time Ballon d’Or winner to consider a move to Manchester City, Bayern Munich or Paris Saint-Germain.

Kempes, winner of the 1978 World Cup, thinks that Leo’s era at the Camp Nou is over.

He told Sport Bild: “Messi feels extremely comfortable in Barcelona, but he understands that the chances of winning the Champions League again with Barca are slim.”

“In recent years, Barcelona has always been eliminated prematurely due to the financial situation, the club has great difficulty building a strong new team.”

Kempes added that Messi has options available and should consider them: “He should go to Pep Guardiola [Manchester City], Paris Saint-Germain or FC Bayern. These clubs either have money or players for great success.”

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