Messi is officially a free agent, as his contract with Barcelona expired today

Lionel Messi is the official free agent after his contract with Barcelona expired at midnight on 30 June.

Although Barcelona hoped that Messi would sign a new contract with the club before June 30, the 34-year-old did not and now does not belong to any club.

Barcelona believe that Messi will sign the new contract sooner or later, but his status as a free agent will worry the club and the fans.

Messi has been officially a Barca player since January 8, 2001, when he formalized his commitment to the club on a napkin initially and the parties want to continue this long commitment.

Representatives of Messi and Barca are in talks to continue cooperation.

But according to media in Spain, finding a new deal is a bit difficult, due to the nature of Messi’s demands and the precarious financial situation of the club.

In addition to the financial aspect, Messi in particular wants assurances that the Catalan club will build a competitive team around him for next season.

Barcelona won the Copa del Rey last season 2020/21, but failed miserably in two of their main goals, La Liga and the Champions League.

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