Milan and Juventus in the race for the “new Neymar”

Milan and Juventus will also fight off the field, as both have expressed interest in the services of the 19-year-old from Brazil, who is being described as the new Neymar.

Kaio Jorge is one of the greatest talents of Brazilian football. The 19-year-old is activated at the top of the attack and is part of Santos’ first team since January 2019.

Milan has been following him for a long time and is very interested in his services, although there are many other clubs in the race. Among them is Juventus.

Santos is asking for 10 million euros to release the new Neymar as they call him in Brazil, while Milan is offering 6 million euros, also from the fact that the player has a contract until December 31st.

Now Allegri’s whites want him too, but they, like Milan, do not intend to spend more than 6 million euros for Kaio Jorge’s card.

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