Mourinho about Hazard: “He does not train, if he were a professional…”

José Mourinho knows best what is happening with Eden Hazard.

In “talkSPORT”, where he is invited for “Euro 2020” in the role of analyst, he found time to talk about the Real footballer, who is suffering at the Santiago Bernabeu, while in London with Chelsea he was another player.

Mourinho seems to be clear, he has reiterated that Hazard does not train properly, nor enough.

“He is a fantastic player, but in training he is disgusting. He is a boy, a family man, dedicated to children, parents and everything, leads a quiet life. But when he enters the field every morning (training)… does not work much. When you see him on the field you do not see a man working, or as a result of work, but a talented player. Imagine if he were a professional,” said the Roma coach.

Hazard has scored just 5 goals in 43 games for Real Madrid.

Mourinho revealed what he thought when he was bought by Real.

“Wow, this guy is going to go to the biggest club in the world and he’s going to feel a lot of pressure to always be on top, this guy is going to win the Ballon d’Or because he’s amazing. But in terms of his ability, speed, his condition, he would be a much better player (if he trained properly). What you see is just the talent that got Eden to where he is and he’s fantastic, no words.”

“He has had more injuries at Real Madrid than the whole time he was with me at Chelsea. He had one but it was nothing important. But in Madrid he got into this negative injury dynamic and that probably affected him.”

“With Martinez, whom he loves very much, I believe Hazard will find himself because he is now only a replacement, but he will end up as a starter.”

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