Neville: It will not happen that Rangnick remains the coach of Manchester

Ralf Rangnick has always been seen as the interim coach for Manchester United, but there has always been speculation that the German could be appointed coach if things went well for the team during the second half of the 2021/22 season.

With the team suffering, Gary Neville expects his former club to make changes to the coaching staff over the summer.

“I do not think he will retain this position after this season,” he told Rangnick for Sky Sports.

“I think there was an opinion that if United went higher this would happen, but it will not happen. Manchester United will have a new coach next season.”

The former Manchester United captain, however, thinks Rangnick will be involved in the recruitment process where he will be the permanent manager.

“Think he wants to do this because he has good eyes to know the characters, personalities and appearances of the players at the training level of this group of players, so he is in a good position to advise,” added Neville. .

“He is probably in a stronger position as a consultant because he has daily contact with players. He sees how they manage to stick to disappointment if they fail to meet the club’s requirements if they have quality.

“People say he is more of a sports director and coach, but in reality his position as a coach is short-lived.”

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