No one, like Guardiola, reaches a record number of Champions League semi-finals

Pep Guardiola has entered the history of the Champions League, although he has not won this trophy for 11 years.

The Catalan coach actually last night reached the ninth semifinal of his successful career after eliminating Atletico Madrid.

The current Manchester City coach had reached the semi-finals four times with Barcelona, ??three times with Bayern Munich and twice with “Citizens.

And, this achievement had not been made by any coach in the history of the Champions.

Guardiola last won the Champions League with Barcelona in the 2010/11 season, while for years he was very close to City, but was defeated in the final by Chelsea.

This year, the Spanish coach is determined to win the precious trophy, although it will not be an easy task as he will work with Real Madrid in the semifinals, and in the eventual final, probably with Liverpool.

Carlo Ancelotti is second in this ranking with 8 semifinals, 4 with Milan, 3 with Real Madrid and one with Juventus.

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