Normalcy returns to La Liga, the 2021/22 season will be played with fans

It has already been confirmed, there will be no more matches without fans in La Liga.

Part of the 2019 season / and the entire 2020/21 season, was played without the presence of fans without whom this sport would not be so special.

This happened because of the pandemic, which for several months and until today, caused a lot of trouble around the world.

But, everything is over already. The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has confirmed that normalcy will return to the stadiums, which means that fans will be allowed to enjoy the matches of their teams.

“We will return to normalcy in terms of the influx of spectators in stadiums,” he said, which is great news for clubs, as with the presence of fans, their budget increases and they return to normalcy in economic terms.

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