Pochettino leaves him on the bench again, Donnarumma becomes a matter for PSG

Gigio Donnarumma was transferred to Paris Saint Germain after saying goodbye to Milan as a free agent and the French club was the only one that was ready to meet the economic claims, however the French adventure of the Italian goalkeeper did not start well at all.

Although he was named the best player of the European Championship and is considered one of the best in the world in his role, the 22-year-old is not seen as a starter by coach Pochettino, who has thrown him on the field in only two of the 7 games.

For Montpellier, for the second consecutive challenge in the championship, the Argentine coach has entrusted the Costa Rican Keilor Navas, while Donnarumma saw another 90-minute from the cold bench of “Parc des Princes”, where of course he did not hide his disappointment.

However Pochettino continues to trust the 35-year-old Navas, who in addition to doing his job quite well with the reception, has a pronounced advantage over Donnarumma in the foot game, as he knows how to combine well with teammates and organize maneuver from behind.

On the other hand, the Italian suffers a lot in the management of the ball and often in Milan he chose to remove the ball in the side throw, so as not to take even the slightest risk, however this weakness seems to be costing him the place of the starter.

So far the Italian goalkeeper has not spoken publicly about this issue, but his manager, Mino Raiola has done so, who in an interview with Italian media stated with conviction that the head of PSG will be Donnarumma, however it seems that Pochettino has not given importance and continues to confirm Navas.

It is certain, however, that if the 22-year-old continues to heat the bench so often, then Raiola will start work to remove him in January, even on loan, as otherwise he risks starting dissatisfaction in a group like that of PSG, where everyone feels headlined and finds it hard to accept the bench.

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