Pogba breaks the silence about the elimination of France from Euro 2020 with an honest statement

Paul Pogba has finally decided to declare about the elimination of France in Euro 2020.

Les Blues lost on penalties (5-4) to Switzerland, while regular time and overtime ended 3-3.

Pogba made a declaration for the elimination of the Turkeys, saying that it was a sadness for them, while he congratulated the Helvetics for passing to the quarterfinals.

“Sometimes football can be cruel… cruel and also beautiful. The match brought us sadness but happiness for our opponents. This is the beauty of football,” said the Manchester United member.

“Of course we all wanted to have a positive result. We thank the fans from all over the globe. It was nice to see you, to hear you and to celebrate with you.”

“Finally, I want to congratulate Switzerland,” Pogba added.

It was reported in the media that the Frenchman had tough confrontations with his teammates, due to the way they defended, while they were winning 3-1, but until the last minutes of regular time, the result was tied 3-3.