“PSG is showing disrespect for Real”, is not responding to the offer for Mbappe

Paris Saint Germain continues to be silent.

After the first offer of 160 million euros for Kylian Mbappe, PSG reacted by saying that it is not enough.

Real responded immediately with another offer, 170 million euros plus another 10 in the form of bonuses, but PSG since that day has only remained silent.

For Real Madrid, Javi Balboa, what PSG is doing is a lack of respect for a big club like Madrid, for the fact that according to him, “when an offer comes for a player, like it or not, you have to answer ”.

He added, among other things, that “I have information that will not even be answered”.

Balboa thinks Mbappe can now condition PSG and tell him; “You have 180 million euros on the table, I do not know what you want, but I will go to Madrid, yes or no.”

If all else fails this summer, Mbappe will have to stay until January, then he is free to negotiate in person with Real Madrid and leave in June for free.

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