PSG reacts harshly, after being ridiculed by the La Liga boss

Paris Saint-Germain has reacted harshly to Spanish league boss Javier Tebas, as he had mocked the French club’s spending and the age of his players.

PSG general secretary Victoriano Melero has said that Tebas must deal with La Liga debt and mismanagement.

Melero says Tebas’ comments about the age of PSG players, including those of Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos, show disrespect and are insulting.

Tebas, moreover, was constantly referred to as the state club by PSG, because it is supported by Qatar.

“He constantly allows himself to publicly attack the French league, our clubs and our players, constantly posting insulting and slanderous statements that we allegedly do not adhere to the financial rules of football,” said Melero.

Finally, Tebas said that PSG is as dangerous as the failed proposal for the European Super League.

Then, he said about the new acquisitions of the French giant: “PSG looks like a league of legends, considering the age of some players”.

Messi, 34, and Ramos, 35, both signed two-year contracts with PSG this summer, joining the French club for free after leaving Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively.

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