Ramos bursts into tears: I will be back sooner or later

Sergio Ramos could not hold his tears of grief at the farewell conference from Real Madrid, saying that more than one farewell, his departure is “see you later”.

Spain international Ramos will leave Real Madrid this summer after spending a full 16 years at the club, where he won every possible trophy.

The 36-year-old defender, who was Real Madrid captain for many years, excitedly said that he will one day return to the club that will keep him in his heart for the rest of his life.

“The moment has come, one of the most difficult in my life, the time has come to say goodbye to Real Madrid. I came here hand in hand with my father… “said Ramos before bursting into tears.

“It’s hard not to get excited. I would like to say goodbye to the stadium, at the Santiago Bernabeu. Thank you Real Madrid. I will carry you in my heart forever,” he added.

“This is the end of a special and wonderful period in my life and the beginning of a period of hope and the future with a great desire to show my best for many years to come and to be able to add another trophie on my list of trophies ”.

He stressed: “Thank you very much everyone. This is more than a farewell; “See you later, because I’ll be back.”

Ramos explained the way the talks with Real Madrid went, making it clear that he did not want to leave.

“Many things have happened, circumstances that happen in life. The first thing I want to say is that I never wanted to leave Real Madrid, I always wanted to stay,” he explained.

“In recent months, the club made me a one-year offer, with a salary reduction. Money was never a problem, the president knew I would make it clear it was not an economic issue. The problem was the years offered; they offered me a year while I wanted two years. It was for the stability of my family,” he said.

“In the last talks I told them that I would accept the offer and they told me that there was no offer anymore. I was told that, although I agreed to the last offer, it was no longer at the table. I was told the offer had an expiration date but I did not know about it,” he concluded.

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