Rashford: I found it difficult to play the best football under Mourinho

Marcus Rashford has said he has found it very difficult to play his best football under former Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho.

Rashford shined at Old Trafford when Louis van Gaal was United’s manager in 2016, before being forced to adapt to life under a new coach following the sacking of the Dutchman at the end of that season.

Mourinho gave the English striker an important role in his starting lineup shortly after he was appointed Red Devils coach.

But Rashford was unable to offer his best in front of the opposing gate consistently during the Portuguese’s two-and-a-half years at the helm of the team.

Asked if Mourinho allowed his players to express themselves freely in attack, Rashford told BT Sport: “I think that’s when we play our best football (when we can be flexible).”

“Under Mourinho’s leadership, I would say that everything was ‘you play in this position, you in this position, you in that position’.”

Rashford added: “You can do a job that is assigned to you, but it was difficult for me to play my best football.”