Real suffers, but wins against Athletic Bilbao

Real Madrid have taken three more points at home, beating Athletic Bilbao 1-0.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team did not have it easy at all for 90 minutes at the Santiago Bernabeu, with Bilbao being prepared as it is best for this meeting, but a small detail decided and Real got three points in the end.

The winning goal was scored in the first half in the 40th minute, which came after a beautiful combination between Real players but in the end, the ball seemed to accidentally ended up at the feet of Karim Benzema who scored the winning goal.

By the end, Real had to sweat a lot, as Bilbao had good scoring chances, not excluding the good attacks of the locals who did not materialize in the goal.

With this victory, Real has gone to the quota of 36 points, seven more than Atletico Madrid, but the latter have a less developed match.

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