Robertson plans to retire at Liverpool

The Scottish left-back has admitted he previously wanted to retire at Celtic’s Parkhead, but now he wants to end his career at Anfield.

Andy Robertson (27 years-old) is planning to spend the rest of his career at Liverpool. The Scottish left-back has been at Anfield since 2017, where he has managed to win the Champions League and Premier League with the team from Merseyside.

He had previously spoken of his hometown club, Celtic, and how in the future he intended to end up there, but now with a contract until 2024 he has expressed his ambition to stay until the end with the Reds.

“I am often asked about this. Look, my goal is to finish at Liverpool and I would like to finish at Liverpool, but I know it ‘s hard to always play at high levels. The time will come and I will make this decision someday.”, he said when asked by PLZ Soccer.

“At the moment he has a three-year contract, I want to stay here forever and I hope to retire in this team, but when you turn 30 things change, but I would like to retire in this club.”