Romano: Bale will not retire

Gareth Bale showed his face as the leader in Tottenham’s last game where he managed to score two crucial goals for his team against Leicester.

In fact, these two goals put Tottenham Hotspur in seventh place and thus managed to compete in UEFA’s new UEFA Conference Cup.

But, after this match, the rumors started that Gareth Bale is planning to retire from active football immediately after the European football championship Euro 2020.

But, this news has been rejected by the well-known journalist Fabrizio Romano. According to him, all this news is “fake news”.

“Gareth Bale is not planning to retire after Euro 2020. Despite rumors, Bale will wait and then decide on his future – he still has a contract with Real Madrid and a meeting with Tottenham will be held as soon as the coach is selected. But he will not retire: false news,” Romano wrote.

There have been many rumors and speculations about the Real Madrid striker where it is said that he plans to call Los Blancos and tell them that he will retire.